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Purchasing Candles

Candles are wonderful items to create a cosy atmosphere at home. We often think of candles during the dark December month, but they can be used all year round. Want to purchase candles for your customers? Head to the wholesaler for that as well.

Various Types of Candles

Candles come in all sorts, sizes, and colours. There are, of course, the long candles that can be placed in a beautiful candlestick, giving a room an elegant look. There are pillar candles that can stand on their own due to their shape and can be placed on a nice surface. There are also scented candles that make a room smell wonderful. Want to surprise your customers? Consider candles in unique shapes.

Cosiness with Tealights

Tealights or votive candles are also a great idea, as they look lovely in a tealight holder. There are countless options, from lanterns to hurricane lamps.

Purchasing Candles

Offer the customers of your physical store or webshop a cosy atmosphere at home. By purchasing candles, you will delight them. Buying candles from a wholesaler has the advantage of a large stock. At Partijgroothandel.nl, we offer a wide range of candles and related items such as candle holders, tealight holders, lanterns, and hurricane lamps.

User-Friendly Website

Our selection is easy to find on the website under 'Categories'. The menu lists various categories, including 'Living, Cooking & Household'. Under this, you'll find subcategories to choose from, including 'Candles & Holders'. This way, you can quickly find what you are looking for when purchasing candles. Take a look and be amazed by the wide range of products.


Would you like to see the items you’re interested in with your own eyes first? You can! We have a showroom (Trade Market) in Winterswijk. By making an appointment, you are welcome to come and view the products. This way, you can make more targeted candle purchases.

Selling Stocklots

Do you have stocklots left over? We can be of great help here as well. We buy items that deserve a new home. This offers you several advantages:

  • No more unsellable products
  • More space in your warehouse for new inventory
  • Everything is taken care of, from upfront payment to transport
  • All stocklots are purchased, from small to large batches

About Meekes, Great in trade!

Meekes is the leading buyer of stocklots in the Netherlands. Do you have stock you want to sell to us? You can do this easily and quickly via our website. Go to 'Offer your stock,' register your stock through the offer form, and submit your offer with just one click. You will receive a bid on your stock within 24 hours. If you agree to this bid, you won’t have to worry about anything further. The stock will be paid for in advance, and transport will be fully arranged by Partijgroothandel.nl. Don’t let your stock sit in the warehouse any longer—sell it today! Register your stock via the website or contact us for more information.

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